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T Ambassador Training Begins, Facilitates Industrial Digital Transformation

T Ambassador Training Begins, Facilitates Industrial Digital Transformation

The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has promoted the Program of Empower Youth with Digital Capabilities (hereinafter referred to as the "T Ambassador Program") in order to accelerate the digital transformation of industries. After the two-month-long intensive interview and selection process, the MOEA organized the opening ceremony for the first echelon in northern Taiwan, to respond to the support of Microsoft Taiwan, and in central Taiwan, for Victor Taichung Machinery Works, on December 14, 2020. The opening ceremony was brimming with youthful enthusiasm and vitality. Minister of Science and Technology and Deputy Convener of the Board of Science and Technology (BOST) of the Executive Yuan Wu Tsung-Tsong, Minister without Portfolio of the Executive Yuan Audrey Tang, and MOEA Chief Secretary Chen Yi-Ling showed their support by joining the opening ceremony together from the two venues through live streaming. Their participation demonstrates that the government cares about and has high expectations for T Ambassadors.Digital transformation has become a significant challenge for this century, on which the COVID-19 pandemic has effected a critical impact. The T Ambassador Program was created by the Executive Yuan's Office of Science and Technology to devise directions for talent cultivation and development, with the aim of quickening the pace of digital transformation among industries in the cloud era. The Program trains new graduates as seed talent for industrial digital transformation to help industry position itself for digital transformation, develop innovative business models, and enhance industrial competitiveness. The SMEA aims to facilitate the practice of digital transformation among companies through this Program. In addition to the interview and selection process, young applicants were required to pass the aptitude test and career competency assessment. After which, they were coached by mentors who have experience in international business management in devising and planning the direction and tasks of digital transformation for businesses. Moreover, the participants took part in a two-week intensive training course in northern, central, southern, and eastern Taiwan, as well as a 24-week hands-on practice of industrial digital transformation. Through training, these young participants built momentum for digital transformation, integrated industrial knowledge and skills into practical cases, and also closely interacted with companies' core decision-makers of digital transformation during the training. So far, more than 2,000 applicants have applied for posts as T Ambassadors.Today is the joint opening ceremony of the first echelon, a total of 120 participants who passed the interview process. In support of the central themes of digital transformation and local training and dissemination, the opening ceremony was held in northern and central Taiwan and was live streamed. The trainees were also invited to visit the two supporting enterprises of the Program-Microsoft Taiwan and Victor Taichung. As the training kicked off, the trainees had a chance to thoroughly experience what a company needs to embark on a digital transformation journey and also learn about potential applications from best practice cases.In addition to the support from businesses, MOST Minister and BOST Deputy Convener of the Executive Yuan Wu Tsung-Tsong and MOEA Chief Secretary Chen Yi-Lin joined the opening ceremony in northern Taiwan, while Audrey Tang, Minister without Portfolio of the Executive Yuan, was a highlight in her role as "Audrey Cat"at the venue in central Taiwan. In the opening remarks, Minister Wu, Minister without Portfolio Tang, and Chief Secretary Chen all encouraged T Ambassadors to contribute what they have learned and to help develop industrial digital transformation. After the opening ceremony, the three officials amiably joined the group photo session with participants. Due to the precautions for COVID-19, the event organizer thoughtfully prepared masks printed with "Audrey Cat"images for attendees, making the opening ceremony even more special.The T Ambassador Program targets university and college students who are soon to graduate (those who graduate before June 2021 and have to submit their diplomas before completion of training) or people who graduated in three years' time and are in-between jobs (those who graduated after January 1, 2017). Recruitment for the Program will continue until December 27, 2020. Young applicants looking to enhance their digital transformation skills are welcome to apply for the Program. For more details, please visit the Program's official website: https://3t.org.tw; the Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/109936570884469; or call the Program office to learn more: +886-2 -23212737 ext. 103 Ms. Fang.


Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs No. 396, 397 SBIR Steering Committee Approved the subsidies for 22 SBIR Projects

The Small and Medium Enterprise Administration(SMEA), Ministry of Economic Affairs(MOEA) organized the No. 396, 397 Steering Committee for the Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) in which it reviewed and passed subsidies for innovative technology/service research projects for 4 projects in the services and culture creativity sector, 5 projects in the machinery sector, 2 projects in the electronics sector, 3 projects in the information communications sector, 4 projects in the consumer goods and chemical industries sector, and 4 projects in the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals sector, totaling 22 projects proposed by SMEs. The list of approved projects is provided in the Appendix below.SMEA stated that the projects passed in the No. 396, 397 SBIR Steering Committee has increased the subsidized companies' investments in R&D expenditures by NTD 41.700 million. They are expected to motivate SMEs in investing more R&D human resources. The SBIR is promoted to incentivize and assist R&D activities for SMEs to achieve sustainable development and growth. It also seeks to establish a comprehensive industry system based on the R&D outcomes and promote economic development in Taiwan.Since the SBIR was launched in February 1999, a total of 7,719 innovation and research projects have been executed. The government has provided subsidies of over NTD 12,473.331 million and motivated NTD 23,340.316 million in investments by SMEs. The SBIR has made significant contributions to elevating the technology proficiency of SMEs, and facilitating the international competitiveness and transformation of domestic industries.Program Service Hotline: 0800-888-968; Project Website: http://www.sbir.org.tw

Triple stimulus vouchers available to APRC holders starting Nov. 16

Triple stimulus vouchers available to APRC holders starting Nov. 16

The triple stimulus voucher program was originally launched on July 15 to allow not only Taiwanese citizens but also their foreign or Chinese spouses with resident permits to purchase them, which effectively spurred consumption in Taiwan.In expanding the program, around 11,600 Alien Permanent Resident Certificate (APRC) holders and 1,400 foreign diplomats in Taiwan will be able to collect triple stimulus vouchers starting Nov. 16, whereby eligible persons pay NT$1,000 and receive NT$3,000 worth of vouchers, which can be used for the upcoming year-end shopping season. The deadline to use the vouchers is Dec. 31, 2020.APRC holders and foreign diplomats can obtain printed vouchers from the post office with their National Health Insurance card (or Alien Resident Certificate) and NT$1,000, or they can obtain them digitally by registering with a credit card (which they can apply for at Taiwan's local banks), stored value cards or mobile payments on the Triple Stimulus Vouchers program website.For more information, please check "Triple stimulus vouchers"on our official website: https://3000.gov.tw/.*For further details, or to arrange media interviews, please contact:Ms. Wen-Ling SuDeputy Director General, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, MOEA02-2366-2203wenling@moea.gov.twMr. Jyh-Wen WangSection Chief, Management Consulting Division, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, MOEA02-2366-2213jwwang@moea.gov.tw

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