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Bilingual Glossary

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61 財務比率 Financial ratios
62 財長過程 Finance Ministers' Process(FMP)
63 能源工作小組 Energy Working Group (EWG)
64 紡織業 Textiles Mills
65 海洋資源保育工作小組 Marine Resource Conservation Working Group (MRC)
66 旅客資訊系統 Advanced Passenger System (API)
67 庫存比率 inventory ratio
68 家具及裝設品製造業 Furniture & Fixures Manufacturing
69 個別行動計畫 Individual Action Plan (IAP)
70 食品及飲料業 Food & Beverage Manufacturing
71 負債淨值比率 ratio of total liabilities to net worth
72 美國育成協會 National Business Incubation Association (NBIA)
73 流通運輸服務業 Storage & Distribution
74 政府採購專家小組 Government Preocurement Experts Group (GPEG)
75 政府採購商機 government procurement opportunity
76 建物裝修及裝潢業 Building Maintenance & Upholstery
77 客戶關係管理 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
78 品質管理 quality management
79 品牌經營 brand management
80 信用保證 credit guarantee