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Bilingual Glossary

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21 創新補助計畫 Innovation subsidiary plan
22 創新研究獎 Innovation Research Award
23 創新育成中心 incubator center
24 創新 innovation
25 部門提前自由化 Early Voluntary Sectoral Liberalisation (EVSL)
26 速動比率 quick ratio
27 連鎖加盟營運模式 franchise operation mode
28 設計服務業 Design Services
29 終身學習護照 lifelong learning passport
30 組織定位 Organizational Positioning
31 異業結盟 cross-industry alliance
32 產業聚群 Industrial Cluster
33 產業科學技術工作小組 Industrial Science and Technology Working Group (ISTWG)
34 產業別網際網路資料庫 Industry-based On-line Databases
35 淨值週轉 turnover of net-worth
36 淨值報酬率 return on net worth
37 混程式學習 blended learning
38 接單風險 risk of taking orders
39 專案貸款 Project loans
40 女性創業活動 women entrepreneurial activity