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Regulations Assistance

Post date:2017-08-01

To create a healthy environment for the development of SMEs, we launch the following programs and initiatives :
a. Assertion of SMEs' rights by regulatory adjustment

  1. Promoting the establishment of an analytical mechanism to coordinate regulations governing SMEs in order for government at all levels to evaluate the scale and characteristics of SMEs when drawing up or revising regulations governing SMEs, which makes it easier for SMEs to abide by the regulations and promotes innovation, growth and the development of SMEs.
  2. Promoting a "System of Honorary Consultative Attorneys for SMEs" project, by establishing a well-rounded consultative service on regulations to provide a consultative channel on regulations and reinforce information services for regulations on corporate operations, conducting seminars on issues regarding regulations governing SMEs, and for expanding the scope of service of the regulations governing firms' operations in an effort to effectively enhance the SMEs' ability to respond to regulations and strengthen the SMEs' competitiveness.
  3. Conducting the propaganda on SMEs regulations and laws to collect the relative questions and reply, coordinate with correlative government agencies. In case that questions are needed to adjust or amend laws or administrative regulations, the mechanism, "SMEs Development Operation Assembly in Legislation Yuan" will be convened to coordinate and review. By the implementation of above measures, the SMEA assures the healthy laws environment for the development of SMEs.

b. Research on and analysis of the SMEs' business environment

  1. We collect and analyzes statistics relating to the SMEs' operating activities. This enables us to keep its finger on the pulse of SME operations. Every year, we publish a White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises in Taiwan, which is a valuable reference for both SMEs and other government agencies.
  2. We handle the statistics, surveys and studies related to SMEs, and undertakes the evaluation and analysis of policy issues related to SME development. Through a policy review procedure, we reach a consensus to serve as reference for related government agencies in the preparation of SME policies, laws and regulations.

c. Promoting comprehensive planning matters

  1. Regarding changes at home or in the overseas economic and trade environment, economic development strategies and measures are planned for SMEs and their needs. This office is in charge of the Committee for the Review of SME Policy and the Committee for Consultation on the Industry Development of SMEs in order to establish a good environment for the development of SMEs.
  2. The office compiles a Collection of Success Stories of SMEs, describing the development of enterprises, and analyzing the key factors to their success. Criteria for corporate success are forwarded to SMEs for their reference. SMEs are urged to provide manpower to assist in the implementation of programs, and they are encouraged to employ more of the unemployed in order to raise labor quality and boost employment.