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Finance Assistance

Post date:2017-08-01

In order to build up communication channels between SMEs and the SME Credit Guarantee  Fund or the financial institutions and assist the SMEs to achieve perpetual development. We  carry out our mission through the following programs and services :

  1. Establishing One-stop Service Center and providing emergency aid to SMEs. With the coordination and assistance from professionals, SMEs are immediately responded to. This center also promotes the financing diagnostic assistance programs to assist SMEs in obtaining operating funds.
  2. Promoting a Financing Service Team Project corps for SMEs, with consultants providing immediate diagnostic assistance locally. Consultative services on finance, accounting, financing issues and operating plans are provided to SMEs before their applications to banks for loans are examined. The center serves as a bridge of communication between SMEs and banks, assisting banks in understanding the SMEs' characteristics in order for SMEs to obtain financing without difficulty.
  3. Being in charge of programs for the promotion of financial knowledge, it is through the networks of industrial and commercial groups that the government's financial assistance measures are publicized. Training in financial management for the owners of SMEs is also strengthened. Help is provided to SMEs to enable them to correctly use the financial assistance resources provided by the government.
  4. Strengthening the provision of diagnostic guidance to SMEs in the area of financing, thereby helping SMEs to improve their ability to secure loan credit guarantees.
  5. Assisting SMEs with the establishment of financial management, internal control and accounting systems in an effort to enhance their management abilities.
  6. Helping SMEs to secure loans, and works to expand the financing channel available to SMEs in order to solve the problems that they experience in securing working capital.
  7. Providing with various financing diagnostics and credit guarantees in an effort to lower their operating costs by combining the SME Credit Guarantee Fund and Small Business Integrated Assistance Center funding resources.

Source of Finance

Notes:  The sources of financing for the SMEs and Start-ups are including investing from private funds, incubation fund, SME Development Fund or capital markets, rewards from government departments, and loans from SME Credit Guarantee Fund.