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Post date:2018-08-31

According to Article 2 of the Organization of the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, the SMEA is responsible for the following duties:

  • To formulate plans for the development of SMEs and relevant legislation.
  • To provide guidance to and undertake the inspection of SMEs.
  • To undertake surveys and research related to SMEs.
  • To provide assistance for the improvement of SMEs' production technology, training and other related matters.
  • To provide guidance with respect to the improvement of SME operation and management, financing, etc.
  • The provision of guidance in other areas related to SME development.

In line with the changes taking place in Taiwan's industrial structure, the Administration was also required to undertake work in the following areas:

  • The provision of support for entrepreneurial activity and innovation, coordinating the provision of financing for new start-ups, and coordinating incubator operation.
  • Helping SMEs to adopt information technology, and providing guidance with respect to computerization.
  • Reinforcement One-stop Service Center to help solve funding difficulties.
  • SME Financing Service Team project – assisting in the establishment of a sound accounting system and in capital funding.
  • Micro Enterprise Start-up Loan Promotion Program.
  • The SME Credit Guarantee Fund and Small Business Integrated Assistance Center related matter.