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Start-up & Incubation

Post date:2017-08-10

To develop the innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities of small and medium enterprises(SMEs), we endeavor to build a platform for enterprise start-up and incubation through the following programs :

a. Establishing a support mechanism for starting enterprises

Assisting individuals with fulfilling their dreams of starting enterprises, is providing information and consultative services on starting an enterprise and creating a knowledge database website for startup enterprises, is establishing schools teaching entrepreneurship and fulfilling the dream of starting a business, is giving awards to new enterprises, and is providing would-be entrepreneurs with systematic, phased assistance to boost the success rate and encourage individuals to start SMEs and facilitate economic growth.

b. Enhancing the Function of Incubation Service

  1. By consolidating the advantages in terms of the specialties and resources of the incubation centers of universities, legal persons, governments and private enterprises, we provide incubation services ranging from creativity and innovation to starting enterprises, establishing a comprehensive incubation system for individuals intending to start their own enterprises, and satisfying enterprises' needs to start new enterprises and innovate.
  2. Through the establishment of a development mechanism for incubation centers, we encourage enterprises to innovate and release R&D capacity, promotes exchange and cooperation between incubation centers, enforces the performance evaluation system for incubation centers, and creates a suitable environment for SMEs to innovate and develop.

c. Increasing the knowledge and capability for start-up companies and enhancing the training for business talents

  1. Implementing the "physical and virtual integration" on the training for entrepreneurs. To hold the incubation and professional courses on the physical classrooms, and also to build up the "Small and medium enterprise Internet university" to provide the high quality e-learning and interactive environments for new learning model. The virtual online courses include information technology, human resource, finance, marketing, incubation and general knowledge in six categories, and to help the entrepreneurs to increase the start-up knowledge with no limitation in time.
  2. Also to adopt the globalization impact on politics, economy, society and technology, and to help the small and medium-sized enterprises to have smooth transaction on generations, the division hosts the “SME business leader and heritage training program” for business owners and high level managements to ensure the advance abilities for sustainable development, in addition to assist the business to rebuild the competitive advantage with global view.

d. Participation in international activities and the cultivation of international SME talent

Through the international incubation organizations such as the InBIA , AABI and EBN, to encourage SMEs to further participate in international economic and trade events and to expnd develop international business opportunities.