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Post date:2017-08-01

SMEs are the foundations of Taiwan's economic development. With their great flexibility, they have created economic miracles. In recent years, due to the rapid domestic and foreign politico-economic changes, SME operations become difficult. In light of this, we are in charge of hosting meetings on the status of 11 SME assistance systems. Each year, a national SME development conference is held to formulate SME development policies. Each quarter, an SME assistance system working meeting is held to coordinate and consolidate the assistance functions of the assistance systems. Furthermore, we carry out our mission through the following programs and initiatives:

a. Strengthening management quality and promoting upgrading and transformation

To assist SMEs in making good use of government resources. Business opportunities for SMEs are promoted through the successful upgrading and transformation of SMEs and announcements of new industries and products. We also engages in enforcing diagnosis and guidance on the running and management of SMEs, coordinating and planning the establishment of corporate organizational management systems in order to improve corporate operating health, promoting the establishment of a technical exchange mechanism, and in accelerating the upgrading and transformation of SMEs.

b. Helping SMEs to secure business opportunities through government procurement

  1. Through the service center to help SMEs to participate in government procurement, provide information on government purchasing legislation, and help SMEs to overcome the problems that they experience when trying to participate in government procurement.
  2. We have published Questions and Answers on SME Participation in Government Procurement, have established a procurement website for SMEs, and collect data on the percentage of government procurement accounted for by SMEs. In this way, we are helping to create an environment in which SMEs can participate in government procurement on a level playing field.

c. Upgrading the function of the SME service network

We integrate the resources of local government agencies' SME service centers, local chambers of commerce and other relevant agencies, honorary SME guidance personnel (enterprise service volunteers) and we are building up a comprehensive SME service mechanism, so as to be able to provide SMEs with information and resources, and thereby respond effectively to SMEs' problems and needs.

Ministry of Economic Affairs Eleven SME Guidance Systems


Ministry of Economic Affairs Eleven SME Guidance Systems are including:

2.Quality Upgrading
4.Information Management
5.Mutual Assistance and Collaboration
6.Enterprise Start up and Incubation
8.Pollution Prevention
9.Production Technology
10.Industrial Safety

The SMEA is responsible for 1~6, the Bureau of Foreign Trade and the Department of Commerce are responsible for 7, and the Industrial Development Bureau and the Department of Industrial Technology  are responsible for 8~11.