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Mutual Assistance & Collaboration

Post date:2017-08-01

The purpose of Mutual Assistance and Collaboration guidance is to promote of mutual assistance between enterprises. We are seeking to expand the promotion and collaboration between SMEs, so that SMEs can share operational resources and work together to develop new products and new technologies. This will help SMEs to develop new market opportunities.

Furthermore, we are making use of existing industry cluster resources to provide guidance for the establishment of sound enterprise networks, strengthen collaboration between companies in the same cluster, and upgrade overall management capability.

We carry out our mission through the following programs and services:

1.Arrange for the enterprises with the intention of mutual assistance to join the mutual assistance guidance system.

2.Instruct the cooperation and exchange association:
Assist in the formulation of the regulations for the cooperation and exchange association, assist in the organization of activities for the association, build up consensus with the committee, help them propose feasible collaborative ideas, guide them with the selection of the topic for their cooperation, and then conduct feasibility studies.

3.Instruct the actual collaboration projects:
Help the actual collaboration projects formulate the regulations for joint development, organize the cooperative businesses, formulate marketing and production for cooperative businesses, and obtain the resources available in the outside environment.