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Local Culture Industries

Post date:2017-08-01

In order to help local culture industries to develop value-added products and services based on their "uniqueness". We has launched a series of guidence projects to stimulate the growth of local cultural enterprises. Through providing these projects and services for local feature industries and small community enterprises and assisting businesses in using existing resources with leisure and tourism events to develop and promote business features. It is also promoting business-type changes to raise the added value of products. It is enthusiastically developing a creative local feature industry and small community enterprises, and is integrating all local resources to advance local feature industry development.

Besides, we also encourage the development of innovative local SMEs in rural areas in order to integrate industries with local characteristics, and thereby improve local industries and encourage innovation and industrial development. It is collaborating with other government agencies on reconstruction work in areas where there have been natural disasters. It is helping SMEs to be productively involved in restoring the local economy to health.

Furthermore, we build a platform OTOP for local culture industries to demonstrate their products. This web site not only provides information on accommodation, gourmet and resorts, but also introduces featured industries, featured stores and special local persons. All these information are exclusive for this web site. Therefore, when you explore "The story of a small town", you can also find local "TOP treasure of hometown"!

For more information please visit : Taiwan One Town One Product