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Township Specialty Industries

Post date:2019-01-29

For supporting industrial parks and its related township specialty industries, planning village industrial parks (VIPs) and introducing concepts of circular economy, experience economy and digital economy, establishes a region industrial eco-chain and drives industries transformation and upgrading.

The development strategy for Township Revitalization is based on a twin-axis approach involving cooperation of central and local governments, and collaboration between public and private sectors.

Furthermore, we build a platform OTOP(Chinese version) for local culture industries to demonstrate their products. This website not only provides information on accommodation, gourmet and resorts, but also introduces featured industries, featured stores and special local persons. All these information are exclusive for this website. Therefore, when you explore "The story of a small town", you can also find local "TOP treasure of hometown"!

For more information please visit : Taiwan One Town One Product(Chinese version)