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Post date:2017-08-01

With over 1.2 million SMEs in Taiwan, SMEs are undoubtedly the key drivers to Taiwan's economic boom in recent decades. From a macroscopic point of view, SMEs encompassed 98% of all Taiwanese enterprises, and spread across multiple sectors. However, the degree of information and communications technology (ICT) adoption varies greatly from companies to companies. In an effort to help transform, modernize, and encourage innovation for SMEs, it is imperative to introduce ICT to SMEs in an effort to expand their market opportunities and enhance their competitiveness. To achieve this goal, we provide a number of services, including implementation of basic infrastructures, ICT applications, e-Commerce, and utilizing ICT to encourage and facilitate innovation in businesses, just to name a few.

Through these comprehensive ICT guidance services, we aim to e-Enabled Taiwan's SMEs and help achieve their dreams of modernization and embrace the challenges brought forth by the digital economy.

Integrating resources from all sectors around Taiwan, we categorize the e-Business Enabling process into various stages, including implementation of basic infrastructures, ICT applications, and e-Commerce.

ICT projects and services list
Projects & Services Framework Scope of Projects

SME International Web Marketing Project
The SMEA has been running this project since 2010 to aggressively expand foreign trade and integrating the service module in international web marketing for Taiwan SMEs. Despite the limits of enterprise scale, through web marketing, we have led many SMEs to initiate new international channels and markets to explore overseas business opportunities.
In order to enhance the visibility of Taiwan SMEs globally, we cooperate with famous international e-commerce platforms, such as Alibaba, AsianProducts, eBay and Rakuden, to coach SMEs on utilizing these highly growing traffic platforms to create more possibilities expanding their business. Besides, we offer international web marketing related lessons and hold different topics of seminars for those who are interested in web marketing but lack of experience. Through these courses, they will be given ideas on how to involve in web marketing efficiently and enhanced their confidence in expanding their business globally.


International Online Sales

SME e-Business Innovation Service
By concrete & available strategies and go with strengths of academics, consultancies, IT solution providers and related industry associations, e-business innovation service office gave many helps to small & medium enterprises in e-business operations. Through the consecutively e-business consultancy of e-service office, it can be expected to create "excellent & knowledgeable small & medium enterprises" in the future.


In-depth Application

The SME e-care Program