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First Cashless Market in Taiwan: Pre-Order Online for Super Promotional Offers

Post date:2017-07-12

The Small and Medium Enterprises Administration of the MOEA will be holding the first cashless market in Taiwan at Calligraphy Greenway in Taichung City from July 22 (Sat) to July 23 (Sun). Businesses and vendors in unique, local industries from all around Taiwan are invited to participate in this festival where there will be many types of gift boxed foods, cultural creative products, and crafts on exhibition. Payment will be made via methods other than conventional cash transactions and will include contactless payment or QR Code scanning payment.

This morning, a press conference was held at Taichung City Government, where a show for entrepreneurs in the Taiwanese local cultural and specialist industries was organized to display unique, high quality products imbued with the essence of Taiwan. The opportunity is a perfect example of how the best of Taiwan can be seen in the commitment and dedication of our industry professionals.

Participants of this cashless market will include local payment operators allPay and Pi Mobile Wallet. Both operators will be promoting the use of mobile payment for conducting cashless transactions in Taiwan, and both have expressed hopes that, through the promotional effects of the market combined with the incentives of various attractive prizes such as the Gogoro scooter, they will be able to reach out to more potential users and increase the use rate of mobile payment methods.

In conjunction with the promotional events at the cashless market, businesses will be offering over 500 super-discount product combos at 40% off. These products can also be pre-ordered through the OTOP Mall "One Town, One Product" website, which specializes in unique local products. Director Wu Ming-Chi of the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, MOEA, and Deputy Mayor Lin Yi-Ying of Taichung City also placed a pre-order onsite at the press conference and made use of the allPay and Pi Mobile Wallet mobile payment methods, signifying the official launch of the pre-order event for "super-discount products" on the OTOP Mall website!

Director Wu Ming-Chi indicated that "mobile payment is the current consumer trend, and it is hoped that through the promotional activities of this market event, the general public will be encouraged to use mobile payment methods and experience enhanced purchase convenience." A mobile shopping product wall was furthermore set up onsite at the press conference. The elegant display wall interface featured integrated smart shopping functions so that premium products from the OTOP Mall website can be pre-ordered online under an O2O consumer scenario. Under this scenario, consumers are able to pre-order products of the highest quality at the best prices online and pick up their orders offline, thereby closing the distance between consumers and businesses. It is also a perfect opportunity for them to pre-order super-discount product combos and other unique products directly online with ease and convenience.

Deputy Mayor Lin Yi-Ying of Taichung City also mentioned that "mobile devices are becoming increasingly prevalent, making it extremely convenient to engage in shopping and mobile payment. Taichung City Government has proactively provided guidance and consulting services to 23 shopping districts around the City to increase the availability of convenient payment services. On the day the market event opens on July 22, education training, observation, and learning activities will also be organized in all 23 shopping districts of Taichung, enabling businesses to acquire practical knowledge on the use of mobile payment for conducting transactions."

The cashless market will take place at Calligraphy Greenway in Taichung City on July 22 and July 23. Payment methods provided will include the three major mobile payment platforms, allPay, and Pi Mobile Wallet. At 2:00 in the afternoon on July 22, G's VIEW video streaming platform will provide a live broadcast of the market's opening ceremony and offer more limited-edition discount combos. All members of the public can enjoy a 12% discount on all products when they come to the market; visitors will also be entered into the lucky draw for a Gogoro electric scooter when they make a purchase at the market and receive a free NT$100 gift voucher when they make a purchase of NT$1000 or more.

For more event information, please visit the OTOP Mall website: https://www.otopmall.tw/