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Kick off 2017 by Finding New Startup Opportunities through the Startup Hub

Post date:2017-02-01

The inauguration of the "Asian Silicon Valley Development Agency" program office at the end of 2016 will be complemented by the establishment of startup hubs in central and southern Taiwan by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The startup hubs will connect local and international resources with future development strategies by providing a space for innovation and opportunities for collaboration.

The "Startup Hub" and "Youth Entrepreneurship Dream Building" website combined startup services from different agencies over the past year to provide a physical one-stop service hub. Public and private-sector resources are actively combined with family consultation-style counseling, training and matchmaking activities to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. Providing new startups and companies with a space to network with each other fosters more opportunities for communication. HYENA Inc., for example, had already broken into the German market. In order to improve the quality of its motorized bicycle products, it hoped to find technical partnerships and resources through the hub. With the help of the Startup Hub, it was matched with the team behind the "PAIX" smart backpack, which is already sold on the Japanese market. The two teams not only shared their overseas experiences with each other, but are also working to establish trans-border synergies and help each other enter their respective overseas markets.

In the year ahead, the Startup Hub will expand its services to central and southern Taiwan. The Central and Southern Startup Hubs will be established at the Feng Chia University in Taichung and the National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences to provide startups from all around Taiwan with more networking opportunities and options. On the operational level, the Startup Hub will provide the 5+2 innovation industries with even greater support and strengthen international connections with the Netherlands, Singapore and other regions. More diverse local or international networking events are also planned at regional hubs to help startups throughout Taiwan find and connect with more external resources.

The MOEA Small and Medium Enterprise Administration is promoting a one-stop startup service that combines virtual and physical resources. Optimal service planning and utilization will allow all entrepreneurs to make the best use of the professional startup consulting and counseling resources provided by the government. This will help entrepreneurs achieve twice the result with half the effort. To learn more about entrepreneurial events and information, please visit Youth Entrepreneurship Dream Building website (http://sme.moeasmea.gov.tw/startup), or call the 0800-589-168 entrepreneurial consulting hotline. The service personnel will do their best to serve entrepreneurs from all around Taiwan!