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Experience e-Itinerary Tours, Explore Urban and Rural Discovery Clusters

Post date:2017-01-27

Not sure where to go this Chinese New Year? Exploring urban and rural areas is your most practical choice! Living in the busy, crowded city, life is filled with noise, invisible radio waves and the harsh glare of fluorescent displays. Why not make use of the Chinese New Year holiday to enjoy a completely different vacation? Follow us to discover the romance of Donghai Art Street in Taichung. Try your hand at crafting flowers that will never wilt, and use fine brass to make your very own unique bracelet! Or convene your friends to explore the fun side of historic Tainan. Move through the streets and alleys of Tainan on the Ghost Bus, solve many mysterious
puzzles and discover the legendary hidden treasure. The highlights of the Chinese New Year experience tours are listed below!
The "Donghai Cultural Hands-on Cluster" hidden on Donghai Art Street in Taichung is made up of 8 artists who specialize in the sale of craftsmen merchandise. The emphasis is on hand-crafted artworks, and the Internet is used to tell the wonderful stories behind every piece. These have proven popular with customers with high purchasing power and a taste for quality living. Relatives and group tours can sign up for the banquet tour that combines art experiences such as preserved flowers, hand-made jewelry, wool felt and tea ceremonies. Feel free to choose your itinerary based on whatever you fancy. After the class, everyone can sit down for afternoon tea and share insights before continuing to enjoy the interesting experiences in the itinerary.
The "Adventure Suitcase" cluster in Tainan offers an adventure game that combines tourism and virtual reality. Players can use the Apps along with physical maps and information to explore the city and its stories. The operator has even designed a "Ghost Bus" experience tour that turns many of the challenges involving physical props into an app. Transportation is provided to create a fun-filled city-tour that lets tourists use the app to explore the city in depth. Additional themes are planned in the future for families, retirees, business travelers, or tourists from Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Collaborations with souvenir shops and hotels will also be introduced when appropriate to provide consumers with complete packages combining food, shopping, entertainment and accommodation.
The Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has worked for many years to develop rural regions, popularize IT literacy and promote cluster counseling to help local merchants combine their resources, make good use of digital tools, and harness the infinite reach of the Internet. A team-based approach is taken to boost the marketing capabilities of micro-enterprises and revitalize the local economy. For more information, please visit the website at http://e98.sme.gov.tw/.