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Make Sharing a Part of Daily Living, Let Knowledge Become the Infrastructure - MOEA Initiates the Mix Taiwan Tech Salon Program

Post date:2016-12-19

In order to facilitate the collaboration of the "Talent Exchange" and "Cross-disciplinary Innovation" platforms, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has established the "Mix Taiwan Creativity x Technology Sharing Salon" based on the theme of "Technology Sharing". It is hoped that this initiative will make "Knowledge" the infrastructure for the country's next development phase. It is also expected that the event will facilitate the exchange and spread of knowledge, helping the public to gain an in-depth understanding of technology and to realize their creative ideas. To popularize the brand philosophy of "Mix Taiwan", MOEA has hosted the "Mix Taiwan Brand-Unveiling Forum" on December 19, 2016. Guests invited to the forum included Minister without Portfolio Audrey Tang, Minister of Economic Affairs Lee Chih-kung, Google Taiwan's Managing Director Chien Lee-feng, Founder of Fitmily I. C. Jan, and CEO of Livehouse.in Sega Cheng. The event provided a zero-distance dialog between the innovation/start-up circle and the government, as well as inspired smart and innovative ideas.
Innovation! MOEA Initiates "System Renovation"
In the first half of the forum, three heavy-weight guests shared their views on "System Renovation", "Hardware and Software Integration", and "AI Perspective". Minister Lee indicated that the movement from "Efficiency-Driven" to "Innovative Entrepreneurship-Driven" is the kernel of the government's new economic development model. MOEA will facilitate a series of programs to achieve system renovation and build up a collaborative network among industries, government agencies, as well as academic and research circles to restructure the innovation entrepreneurship system in Taiwan; the government endeavors to make it the new driving force for Taiwan's economic growth. Chien Lee-feng, Managing Director of Google Taiwan, delivered a speech on "Cross-Generation Collaboration - Hardware and Software Integration". Chien stated that in Taiwan, people of different generations possessed different advantages and opportunities for innovation; their images of hardware and software are also varied. Looking forward to Taiwan's industrial and economic development in the future, it is important to find ways to bring together innovative talents and ideas of different generations; as well as to integrate software and hardware resources. Audrey Tang, Minister without Portfolio of the Executive Yuan, shared her views on the concepts and development trends of artificial intelligence (AI). She pointed out that we have achieved many significant breakthroughs in the past. In future, AI will play an extremely important role in our lives and economic activities, and bring about new perspectives beyond our knowledge and imagination. There will be challenges as well as opportunities.
Live Streaming and Verbatim Records to Achieve Seamless Knowledge Sharing
Through Mix Taiwan, MOEA will facilitate "cross-industry", "cross-talent", "cross-border", and "cross-domain" collaboration to leverage local industries, talents, ideas, and technologies; thereby creating a dialog between creativity and technology. As pointed out by MOEA's Small and Medium Enterprises Administration, creativity needs must be executed, and technology needs new ideas. It is important that they meet each other in order to share knowledge, reduce risks, and create more possibilities. In the first session of the salon today, live streaming was made available through Livehouse.in, MOEA's Facebook page, and the website of the Startup Realization Project. People are able to participate from anywhere; listen to lectures onsite and online. Verbatim records of the event will be compiled after the event to ensure seamless knowledge management. Also gathered at the venue are entrepreneurial leaders, representatives of entrepreneurship communities, the Startup Hub of the Executive Yuan, iiiNNO Taiwan, Ideax Incubation Center, Crosspoint Culture, Inc., Meet Startup (organized by Business Next), and Business Startup Award Club, etc. This event serves as the prelude for the 2017 Salon activities.
  In the first quarter of 2017, Mix Taiwan has planned to organize six Salon sessions for the first phase. Each salon will be featured by soap-box speeches delivered in turn by creative experts, tough guys, and opinion leaders. People will enjoy non-stop sharing covering creativity, technology, new tech developments, and aesthetics. A collaborated platform for "Entrepreneurship and Innovation" will be formed gradually through activities taking place at fixed venues and fixed times through live streaming or post-season reviews and follow-ups. The six salon sessions for the first quarter will be held at the O'ringo shop in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (B1, No. 9, Alley 46, Lane 553, Section 4, Zhongxiao E. Road, Taipei) at 6:30pm on Jan. 4, Jan. 18, Feb. 8, Feb. 22, Mar. 8, and Mar. 22, 2017, respectively. For more information, please contact the National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, R. O. C. at 02-2366-0812 extension 326, or send emails to mixtaiwan2016@gmail.com. You can also visit the website of the Startup Realization Project (http://www.startupproject.org.tw) to obtain more information.