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"Women Power i Startup - Cross-Boundary Global Summit" Helping Female Entrepreneurs in Taiwan Reach the Global Stage

Post date:2016-11-19

November 19 of each year has been declared as "Women's Entrepreneurship Day" by the UN to support female entrepreneurs with their own businesses and to help more women realize their dreams. As a result, the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs selected the morning of November 19 to host the "Women Power i Startup - Cross-Boundary Global Summit" at Taipei Expo Park's Brave Stage of the EXPO Dome. The event invited successful domestic/international female entrepreneurs and managers to share their success stories and experiences entering the global market. The celebration of Women's Entrepreneurship Day kicked off on the evening of November 18 with the "Female Elite Corporations Exchange and Fundraising Gala". Two female entrepreneurs gave in-depth talks about how female-owned corporations can acquire market capital and opportunities; their inspiring viewpoints attracted over a hundred audience members.

This summit was focused on Innovation, Internet, and Internationalization as the core themes. Four speakers shared their success stories in marketing, social media applications, female leadership, and tech startups, respectively. Twitter's Global Marketing Manager Emily Huo also spoke about "How to use the power of social media for a successful startup" to share global marketing techniques. Sarah Liu, the founder of the Dream Collective and Gemini3 in Australia, described her experiences of using the help of employees to locate suitable business partners. Jennifer Bai, the founder of ARPlanet registered under Taiwan's GISA, discussed the hardships she faced while starting a company in the tech industry; she also explained the latest tech trends with respect to AR and VR.Cheng Yun-Yi, the founder of Green in Hand, transitioned from a seasoned advertiser to running her own startup company to successfully create new value for local produce; she analyzed how she used social media to bring local produce onto the global stage.

Vice Director of the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration Lin Mei-Hsueh stated that with the rise of female consciousness, women's economic might is playing a bigger role in the economic development all over the world. The Small and Medium Enterprise Administration has helped many female-owned corporations grow and succeed through the launch of the "Flying Geese" women's entrepreneurship program; even more diverse measures and resources will be offered to help even more female entrepreneurs in Taiwan take off and reach sustainable management. Through selecting model entrepreneurs and connecting with global networks, the administration strives to help female-owned corporations in Taiwan shine; like helping General Manager Michelle Sung, winner of the first Women Entrepreneurship Competition, to compete in competitions abroad. This year, her company "Maskingdom" has won Italy's A'design award and Germany's Communications Design Award. Using EU's system as a reference, the administration founded the Female Entrepreneurship Ambassador Program, inviting 47 outstanding winners from the Women Entrepreneurship Competition to share their stories and professions in schools and events all over Taiwan to encourage more women to realize their dreams.

Before the big event, SoGal Ventures founder Pocket Sun and Vice General Manager of CTBC Venture Capital Chiu Ming Hui talked about the advantages and opportunities for women to acquire capital, as well as shared their perspectives on both Asian and Western women involved in venture capital. Although the current venture capital market is dominated by men, they encouraged female entrepreneurs to dream big and never limit themselves, utilizing their full potential to appeal to investors and pave the way to era of Women Power.