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APEC O2O Summit 2016

Post date:2016-07-07

he APEC O2O Summit is set to be held on July 12 -13, 2016 at Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei. The summit will focus on the Digital Competitiveness and Resilience which is the essential element for startups successfully doing O2O business to gain high-growth and go global. For the second day, 30+ top startups across 20+ Asia-Pacific economies will pitch and demo to 200+ high-profile corporate executives and investors to increase their visibility, secure funding, and gain mentoring and training by international industry experts. The APEC O2O Summit is expected to make innovation vibrancy a valuable addition to the global startup ecosystem. In addition, in collaboration with HRDWG, the O2O best practice visit will be arranged for the invited speakers, officials and SMEs.

To Sign Up: http://www.apecsmemonitor.org/page/news/show.aspx?num=60&kind=12&page=1