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APEC Accelerator Network Summit 2014

Post date:2014-06-19

In order to encourage entrepreneurship in APEC region, the Intel Asia Pacific Challenge & Siemens New Ventures Forum, with APEC is designed for 30 preselected startup teams to present in a competitive process in front of an international panel of experts, judges and investors through August 6th to 7th, 2014 in Taipei. The Challenge seeks to connect entrepreneurs with needs for disruptive innovation solution, build international business relationships, and facilitate fundraising activities between investors and startups across Asia- Pacific region.

Day 1 (August 6), the APEC Accelerator Network Summit, will utilize a format of symposium style discussions and structured networking sessions in order to generate visionary commentary. Besides, business matching session will be arranged to facilitate startups fundraising activities.

Day 2 (August 7) will be the Intel Asia Pacific Challenge & Siemens New Ventures Forum, with APEC, this Demo Day will provide a platform for startups at various stages who seek internationalization, corporate partnerships and opportunities to showcase their business strategies and products in front of industry influencers.

※For more information about the event or register for the Event, please visit the website: http://www.apecaccelerator.org/index.aspx