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Women Entrepreneurship Program


The target of the program are women entrepreneurs who initiate enterprises, run start-ups, and operate elite enterprises. The program aims to provide customized and integrated services for women entrepreneurs in different stages with various needs.

Questions From The Enterprises
Does the government provide related counseling resources and assistance for female entrepreneurs?

Purpose Of The Program
The program provides services, including training courses, group counseling, accelerators for women, women entrepreneurship competition, financing, and networking, to emphasize on enhancing the technological and international power of the female enterprises.

Service Content

  1. Training courses: The courses aim to assist female entrepreneurs to enhance their knowledge and skills for founding a company. This year (2019) the program cooperates with incubation centers, startup hubs, professional organizations, and other female entrepreneur-friendly groups across Taiwan to offer training courses with various topics and forms. The courses mainly instruct participants about knowledges regarding business models, business operations, and professional skills in different fields. The courses invite the entrepreneurs to share their experiences as well. It is anticipated to assist female entrepreneurs to connect with the local foundations and groups, so that they may build a network and share the resources with each other.
  2. Group counseling after the course: In the beginning stage of founding the company, the female entrepreneurs are usually inclined to be conservative. Comparing to the males, females are more needed to be accompanied by the peers or look for the models of successful female enterprises. In 2019 the program cooperates with the foundations who are able to provide counseling services to offer group counseling sessions after the training courses. By the guidance of the mentors, the participants are able to understand each other’s difficulties they encountered while founding the company. The entrepreneurial potential of women and the ability of finding out the problems are thus inspired, and the effects of accompanied learning are achieved.
    The interactions between group members help to assess the feasibility of the company respectively, improve the old awareness, and enhance the ability of solving the problems. The group counseling is therefore able to help the female entrepreneurs to both prevent and solve the problems, and increase their confidence in building up entrepreneurship as well.
  3. Accelerators for women: The accelerator for women provide 3 to 6 months counseling services to cultivate the outstanding women enterprises. The focus of the accelerator is market examination, financing, and international market expansion. Mentors provide customized counseling to introduce the essential resources to women enterprises, which are then expected to grow considerably and efficiently. The purpose of the accelerator for women is to cultivate the elite women enterprises and strengthen the entrepreneurial ideas, which then promote the trend of female entrepreneurship.
  4. Women entrepreneurship competition: The program hosts the women entrepreneurship competition to encourage more women to become entrepreneurs. The competition is expected to explore the elite women enterprises and startups which own innovative products, services or business models in Taiwan. By admiring and celebrating the elite women entrepreneurs and their social impacts, a model for successful female entrepreneurship is established and promoted. Additionally, the awarded enterprises in the competition have access to services provided by the program, including individual counseling, financing, business matching, and brand promoting, etc. The competition values the elite female enterprises, and is expected to encourage the trend of female entrepreneurship.

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