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Taiwan Entrepreneurship Cooperation Development Program


This project aims to link the domestic and international ecosystems as its strategic direction. It integrates and accumulates resources for providing diverse services and building an entrepreneurship consulting and counseling foundation platform for startups. It also integrates and introduces the capabilities of industries to improve the qualities of different services for matching entrepreneurs' needs and inspiring innovations. Moreover, we study and research the development trend of Taiwan's entrepreneurship ecosystems to analyze the policy direction and methods of continuing to improve them. By connecting international entrepreneurial models and activities, we will move towards a virtuous cycle of ecosystems to meet future economic development needs.

In order to achieve the aim, we provide diverse digital services for startups and then amplify the results by the integration of Online and Offline services. There is one major offline Taiwan Start-up Hub located in Taipei City to serve as the connector for linking online Start-up Hub website and Start-up Hub Facebook fan page to integrate resources from different authorities. By hosting mobile service events in neighboring counties and cities, the resources can be instantly delivered. Entrepreneurs are advised to use multilevel counseling such as Taiwan Start-up Hubs, 0800-589-168 toll-free hotline, the Start-up Hub website and the Facebook fan page to overcome obstacles and increase their success rate. 

Moreover, we host theme discussions in the form of forums, salons and online streaming. Innovative entrepreneurs, technology providers and representatives of industries are gathered to participate in discussions to achieve cross-field communication. By doing so, the startups and the industries are linking together so that the entrepreneurial resources can be invested effectively. The ceremonies of Business Startup Awards are held every year to praise the startup models and provide them personal consultations with professional mentors from diverse fields to strengthen and expand their businesses. 

GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) Global Report indicates the startup capabilities grow continuously in Taiwan. Therefore, how to improve the entrepreneurial opportunities and the entrepreneurs' skills are important. Since Taiwan's innovative entrepreneurship ecosystems have gradually formed, our startups will no longer limit the domestic market, but will be in line with the international. By taking part in international activities as well as making visits to multinational incubators and accelerators, the ecosystems will be filled with diverse possibilities and connecting with worldwide resources. The project will connect Taiwan's entrepreneurship ecosystems and international entrepreneurship networks to promote the global development of the industries and drive the global thinking of startups.