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Digital Transformation and Smart Manufacture for SME Manufacturing


To promote the transformation of the new generation of SMEs' physical fitness and innovative business model as the main axis.

Strengthen the energy of the Root Industry,To effectively link 5+2 industry innovations,Promote the upgrading and transformation of the related industry supply chain,Promote SMEs to act as regional innovation service hubs,This will transform Taiwan's industrial DNA and help companies grow.

In turn, the local economy and employment growth will be revitalized and integrated into the international arena.

The main measures are:

  1. Promote the diagnosis and counseling of the digital transformation of SMEs' enterprises, and produce results.
  2. Respond to global manufacturing activities, handle the "Manufacturing Day" activities, and invite SMEs to participate.The shape of the field attracts young people and enterprises to observe the experience, and encourages young people to devote themselves to manufacturing.
  3. Hold consensus camps, business model innovation workshops and talent education and training activities,To assist the manufacturing industry to carry out innovative cooperation in a group manner to jointly enhance industrial competitiveness and market value.
  4. Handling APEC SME workshops, including manufacturing and local creation related learning courses, and cooperating with international seminars to cultivate and foster the development of China's management industry.
  5. Investigate and analyze the smart digital manufacturing transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises to promote energy and provide follow-up suggestions.
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