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Vision & Strategies


The vision of the SMEA is to create an environment beneficial to the establishment and growth of SMEs.

The Administration is positioned to serve as a support for SMEs, engaging in rapid and effective integration of resources and helping SMEs to enhance their competitiveness.

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Our key operational areas are as follows :

A. Creating a Healthy Environment for the Development of SMEs

Coordinating, reviewing and modifying regulations concerning SMEs, providing needed information on regulations and consultative services, safeguarding the rights of SMEs, planning and building a management system for evaluating the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration's performance, promoting an objective mechanism for the evaluation of management and performance, conducting various research projects and surveys, and building a quality operating environment.

B. Optimizing SME's Operational Management Capabilities

Providing a comprehensive management and counseling guidance to assist SMEs enhancing capabilities of operational management, international marketing, business matching, innovative services and mutual cooperation. To award well-performed SMEs, enhancing the local cultural industry development, urban and rural local cultural industries, local service network functions.

C. Building a Platform for Enterprise Start-up and Incubation

Building an innovative support mechanism for starting an enterprise, creating a knowledge-based platform to start an enterprise, various incubation mechanisms, developing the funds and human resources needed to start an enterprise, participating in international affairs, providing support to SMEs in terms of starting an enterprise.

D. Enhancing SMEs' Information Technology Capabilities

The Administration provides guidance in the areas of information management, enterprise computerization, quality upgrading and implement the Plan of "e-Business service team" for the SMEs, "Bridging the Digital Divide of the SMEs Project", etc., promoting the use of knowledge management applications, so that the SMEs' ability to make effective use of information technology can be significantly enhanced. We also assist SMEs to set up the guide of quality management to conform "International environmental regulations" (RoHS, WEEE, Eup, etc.) enhancing the SMEs' ability in quality management.

E. Promoting Sound Development of SME Finance

Raising SMEs' financial management ability, establishing proper accounting systems for SMEs, and consolidating Credit Guarantee Funds, Small Business Integrated Assistance Center and private-sector investment resources to assist SMEs in obtaining investment, financing funds and credit guarantees in order to open financing channels for SMEs.