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Webinar of North East Asia - Circular Economy Trend

Post date:2022-06-23

The countries in North East Asia include Japan and Korea are starting climate actions to reflect their governments' pledges for net zero target and sustainability. Circular economy is one of their main strategies.

With the combination of redesign, reuse, repair, regenerate and recycle, these concepts inspire us to rebuild the cognition of production and consumption, and create models of innovation.

  • Organizer: Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Taiwan
  • Implementer: Plastics Industry Development Center
  • Time: July 7th, 2022, 13:30pm~15:50pm(Time zone: Asia/Japan UTC +9)
  • Online Meeting(Microsoft Teams)

Aganda and Registration: https://green.pidc.org.tw/detail.php?lang=en&type=1&id=2632