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APEC SMEs New Paradigm of Digital Resilience

Post date:2022-07-05

  The Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs is hosting the “APEC SMEs New Paradigm of Digital Resilience Forum” online event on July 5th and 6th. Model SMEs, public and private sector representatives, and startups from sixteen economies have been invited. Moreover, over thirty best practice cases from eight APEC economies are demonstrating their digital products and business models in a one-month virtual exhibition.

  This forum is based on the “APEC SMEs New Paradigm — Revitalize Sustainable Business through Digital Resilience” initiative, proposed by Chinese Taipei. By promoting the best practices of digital transformation and role models of inclusive growth, the digital elements are expected to be embedded in the business models of SMEs.

  The forum was opened by Ms. Mei-Hua Wang, Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, with comments on “APEC SMEs New Paradigm — Revitalize Sustainable Business through Digital Resilience” initiative. Ms. Wang stated that the initiative echoes the Putrajaya Vision 2040 on digital capacity building and inclusive growth, and that the 2022 APEC theme “Open, Connect, Balance,” aims to facilitate SMEs deployment of digital solutions that improve internal operation efficiency and deepen supply chain collaboration and customer relations management. APEC member economies will work hand in hand to promote SMEs’ business continuity and inclusive growth, and narrow the digital gap of SMEs through the initiative and this forum. 

  Audrey Tang, Digital Minister, delivered a keynote speech. Minister Tang noted that the connection among SMEs' digital transformation and public-private partnerships should be enhanced to encourage the potential of the private sector and achieve the goals of inclusive participation and economic recovery. She further added that the digital resilience of SMEs to cope with the external situations needed strengthening to compete in the new era of digital economy. Meanwhile, the event comprises three panel discussions: Upgrading Manufacturing Process, Optimizing Service Models, and Identifying Digital Solutions for Micro and Small Enterprise. All of these sessions discuss how SMEs in different sectors develop digital applications to enhance internal operations, improve external connections, and build a new paradigm of recovery in the new normal. 

  Please click the link below for further information, and feel free to participate in the online forum and the one-month virtual exhibition. https://apec.digitalbcpforum.org/

For further details, or to arrange possible media interviews, please contact:
Ms. Betty Hu
Deputy Director General, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, MOEA
02-2368-0816 #202

Ms. Yi-Chun Chen
Section Chief, Policy Planning Division, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, MOEA
02-2368-0816 #251