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Small and Medium Enterprise Administration,Ministry of Economic Affairs No. 457 458 SBIR Steering Committee,Approved the subsidies for 11 SBIR Projects

Post date:2023-04-25

The Small and Medium Enterprise Administration(SMEA), Ministry of Economic Affairs(MOEA) organized the No. 457  458 Steering Committee for the Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) in which it reviewed and passed subsidies for innovative technology/service research projects for 1 project in the electronic sector,3 projects in the consumer goods and chemical industries sector, 1 project in the machinery sector, 1 project in the information communications sector, 1 project in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector, 4 projects in the services and culture creativity sector, totaling 11 projects proposed by SMEs.

SMEA stated that the projects passed in the No. 457  458 SBIR Steering Committee has increased the subsidized companies' investments in R&D expenditures by NTD 18.363 million. They are expected to motivate SMEs in investing more R&D human resources. The SBIR is promoted to incentivize and assist R&D activities for SMEs to achieve sustainable development and growth. It also seeks to establish a comprehensive industry system based on the R&D outcomes and promote economic development in Taiwan.

Since the SBIR was launched in February 1999, a total of 8,848 innovation and research projects have been executed. The government has provided subsidies of over NTD 13,366.676 million and motivated NTD 24,736.538 million in investments by SMEs. The SBIR has made significant contributions to elevating the technology proficiency of SMEs, and facilitating the international competitiveness and transformation of domestic industries.

Program Service Hotline: 0800-888-968; Project Website: http://www.sbir.org.tw